mercredi 1 septembre 2010

Halo Reach - "ViDoc#1" Trailer
envoyé par Xbox-Mag. - Regardez les tests, les trailers et les solutions complètes de jeux vidéo.

In this video, a lot of informations are given.

For me, principal points are :
- The numbers of polygone, all will be "better" and more Beautifull;
- The characters will be psychologicaly better;
- A sprint mode will exist;
- And Halo Reach will be the last Halo game created by Halo's creators.

So I am sad to know that Reach will be the "last" halo game but as Marty said, this will be the best Halo ever.

(in shop the 15th September)

32 commentaires:

  1. Nice post, showing my daily support.

  2. Wait, if this is the last Halo game, what will they do next?

  3. Although I don't own an xbox, I will probably be playing at friends' places quite a bit. Looks pretty good, but if it is the Halo game, well... =(

  4. Nice blog, halo is very cool.
    See mine if you like

  5. Hope it will live up to the other games :)

  6. Long time since I last played Halo.. maybe should give it a try

  7. Played the beta, it was quite fun.

  8. I also hate this game... sorry, just hate it!